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Eligibility - Inflamation

Applicants must meet the following requirements:


The ASPIRE 2017 award applications are possible for any investigator. To be eligible for an investigator award, an applicant must hold an MD, PhD, PharmD or the equivalent and must reside in wider Europe, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan or South Korea.


The applicant should have a strong academic career interest within the areas of research focus.


No other government, non-governmental, or industry-sponsored projects may cover the same work scope as the grant application to the ASPIRE Program. However, a ASPIRE Program grant may be related to other funding from foundations or government agencies, as long as there is no direct overlap. It is the responsibility of the applicant to justify the novelty of the proposal and provide evidence that the application does not overlap with any current or pending funding. Due to the competitive nature of these awards, Pfizer cannot provide any additional funding support beyond what has been requested and approved by the external independent review panel.


Date of preparation: May 2017
PP-XEL-EUR- 0520