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Pfizer is proud to introduce the Antibacterial ASPIRE 2013
Research Awards, a Competitive Grants Programme Supported by Pfizer International Operations for investigators in Europe


The mission of the EUROPE ASPIRE 2013 Awards in Antibacterial Research is to advance the medical knowledge of the treatment of complicated skin and soft tissue infections with or without bone involvement due to Gram-positive pathogens (including MRSA)

The ASPIRE Program is part of Pfizer’s commitment to supporting investigators with an interest in advancing knowledge in defined disease areas including antibacterial research.

This program provides research grants for studies designed and conducted by non-Pfizer physicians and scientists.


Complicated skin and soft tissue infections (cSSTI)
Skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI) are amongst the most common bacterial infections in humans. Complicated SSTI include severe skin and subcutaneous abscesses, non-necrotising cellulitis, fasciitis, myositis and surgical site infections (SSI). cSSTI have a broad range of aetiology, clinical manifestation and severity, and Gram possitive bacteria are the pathogens most commonly isolated from this type of infections.


Pfizer invites investigators to apply for this EUROPE ASPIRE 2013 Awards in Antibacterial Research through submission of innovative clinical studies in complicated skin and soft tissue infections with or without bone involvement due to Gram-positive pathogens (including MRSA)

Proposals will involve linezolid and can be pre-clinical, clinical or epidemiological studies.


Research proposals should focus on the treatment of cSSTI with or without bone involvement due to Gram-positive pathogens (including MRSA) and that involve linezolid.

Proposals can be:

  • Pre-clincal
  • Clinical
  • Epidemiological studies


Within the above topics, investigators are expected to generate epidemiological, microbiological, in-vitro, in-vivo (animal model) and clinical data to better understand cSSTI management and treatment. Prospective evaluations or well-designed retrospective analyses may be considered for inclusion into the overall proposal to generate and test hypotheses.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION - Independent, External Review Committee

The ASPIRE applications will be reviewed by an independent, external review committee comprised of medical and scientific experts. Grants will be awarded based upon:

  • Scientific merit of the research proposal
  • Qualifications of the applicant
  • Relevance of proposed research to the program's mission
  • Evidence of the applicant's commitment to an academic research career
  • Evidence of a suitable research environment


Pfizer is funding awards up to 50,000 Euros each for one year. It is expected that the results will be presented at scientific meetings and published in peer reviewed journals.

Deadline for Application and Key dates


  • Applications submission starts on November 19th, 2013
  • Applications must be received by February 28th, 2013
  • Award decisions will be made at the end of March 2013
  • Successful applicants will be notified by mid April 2013

For linezolid Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) please find here enclosed